Timeline of the Winter War

Timeline of the Winter War


October 5th: Finns invited to talks in Moscow

October 12th: Talks began in Moscow between Stalin and Paasikivi. Stalin presented his territorial demands to the Finns.

October 25th: Russia rejected Finland's counter-proposals.

November 9th: Finns finally reject Russia's demands

November 13th: Russia decided on war with Finland. Steps were taken in Russia to set up a puppet Finnish government.

November 29th: Russia broke off diplomatic relations with Finland.

November 30th: Russia invaded Finland.

November 30th to December 27th: Finland held up the Russian attack.

December 14th: Russia expelled from the League of Nations.

December 27th to January 30th: period of Finnish military success.

December 27th to January 5th: Finnish victory at Summosalmi


February 1st: Major Russian offensive began

February 5th: the Allies agreed on a plan to aid the Finns.

February 12th: Finnish Cabinet expressed a desire for peace as Finnish forces on the Karelian isthmus started to crumble.

February 27th: Finnish troops withdrew from the Karelian isthmus

March 5th: Finns decide to accept Russian peace terms as a basis for negotiations.

March 13th: Treaty of Moscow ends the war.

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