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Combat of Segorbe, 30 September 1811

Combat of Segorbe, 30 September 1811The combat of Segorbe of 30 September 1811 was a minor French victory during the siege of Saguntum. After the French army under Marshal Suchet had taken up a position around Seguntum, General Joachim Blake, the commander of the Spanish army of Valencia, had decided to send two small detachments out of his defensive lines around the city of Valencia, in an attempt to force the French to abandon their forward position.
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Orde Wingate

Orde Wingate was a British general in World War Two who helped to revolutionise the way war could be fought in the jungle. Orde Wingate was by any standards unconventional but his impact in the war in the Far East should not be underestimated - neither should the part played by his Chindits. Wingate was born in 1903 in India.
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